Smart Connected Solutions for Retailers and Consumers

The idea of transaction is changing around us
The Twyst platform migrates the checkout process into the shopping bag creating a friction free personal experience. At the same time retailers gain the operational  data needed to make the customer journey even better

Connected Retail Solutions




Knowing what's in a customer's cart  as they shop gives retailers the  opportunty to collect new sources of data giving you deeper insight to the shopper's buying patterns, behavior and journey

The Smart Bag connects online and offline profiles to enable the creation of a personalized in store experience
The Twsyt Smart Bag creates an "easier than internet experience"  and gives your customers their time back. No more lines, no more wait

Consumers want efficient, valuable experiences online and off, that's tailored specifically to their needs, with the brands they love 

Deploying Twyst technology allows the anonymous tracking of shoppers as they move through the store, capturing consumer behavior via data that has never been captured before
By 2017, 56% of all transactions will be completed by via mobile point of sale, self checkout at a terminal or on a shopper's mobile device.
Source: Motorola

A vast majority of shoppers consider long lines as the worst experience of shopping in-store and prefer abandoning stores with long wait times

Americans spend roughly 37 billion hours each year waiting in line, leading tp stress and boredom
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